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I am always fond of an art giveaway – especially with strings attached

Source: The Art Fund and The Guarian Giveaways and free gifts are not something many Britons are used to in these times of economic recession and cuts. It is more ‘now you will have less money’ than ‘now we are … Continue reading

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When people steal art I realize that there must be a lot of twisted people out there

The problem with street art is the fact that, no surprise there, it is found on the street. No protection, nothing. Just good old faith and the belief that people would let something, that is ment to belong to everyone, … Continue reading

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Thoughts while ‘Looking at the View’ and looking at a new way of presenting art

The London art scene is waiting impatiently for the, so-called, ‘new’ Tate Britain. As you may have noticed if you have been to the gallery lately, it is refurbishing and getting ready for the opening of the exhibition ‘A Walk … Continue reading

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Love, art and all that

Kiss by the Hôtel de Ville (1950) by Robert Doisneau The Lady of Shalott (1888) by John William Waterhouse Kiss by the Hôtel de Ville (1950) by Robert Doisneau The Three Ages of Man (c1512-14) by Titian I don’t know … Continue reading

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Lucian Freud’s donation to the NG and a newly added delight to room 41

Being a National Gallery geek and all I have my favorite rooms and pictures, like any other artsy NG fans out there, and one of my favorite rooms just got a new family memeber. Lucian Freud, who died in 2011, … Continue reading

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The Argument: What role does a museum of design play in the 21st century?

London’s Design Museum and its exhibition ‘Extraordinary Stories about Ordinary Things’ can be seen as an attempt to prove that off course a modern nation in the 21s century needs a design museum. When the plastic furniture’s so much enjoyed in the previous … Continue reading

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