I am always fond of an art giveaway – especially with strings attached

Desktop117Source: The Art Fund and The Guarian

Giveaways and free gifts are not something many Britons are used to in these times of economic recession and cuts. It is more ‘now you will have less money’ than ‘now we are actually going to do something for you’. Not only do people in Britain get to feel the recession on their skin, believe it or not, so does art. I can’t even count how many articles I have read over the the last year or two about cuts in art founding, not to mention the threats to make people pay for a visit to their favourite gallery. Therefore, when reading that a genius art collector donated 57 old Italian pieces of art to British galleries – with, which proved to be the clever part, strings attached – it could make even Mona Lisa grin her teeth. To cut it short, Sir Denis Mahon, who has throughout the years of his life built himself an impressive collection of 17th century baroque masterpieces, donated in his will all of his paintings to English museums, only with one condition – the galleries were never allowed to charge for admission to see these paintings. Then, by putting all of these works of art in the hands of the Art Fund to distribute to the English nation, not only did Mr Mahon give England a treasure chest, he also made a very clear statement in these days of cuts and confusions – even when the government has to take away peoples money, let their art be free.

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1 Response to I am always fond of an art giveaway – especially with strings attached

  1. etitashkova says:

    I am just speechless…that is so generous. I love the idea and it should serve as an example to people who only take but don’t know how to give back xx

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