The artsy journalist is presenting: painting of the week!


This week I decided to say a little about a portrait painted by one of my favorite painters, but I had one problem – I could not choose only one. Lucian Freud, as you might already know, is famous for his raw, natural and honest portraits of people. I couldn’t choose one, because in my opinion, they work so much better together. After the breathtaking exhibition in the National Portrait Gallery last year, I know I am not the only one who feels like this about Freud. The whole art world realised after the exhibition that Freud was not someone made for shadowy corners. I am not trying to say that Freud was not well-known before this exhibition, but after his death in 2011 he got a reputation boost and have been applauded throughout the art-loving world.

The reason why I like Freud is because he paints so honestly and strong. I mean – he paints fat women naked and spread out in awkward positions on a sofa. It might not sound artistic to you – but the fact that it is, and looks beautiful, is why Freud is such a genius. And he will be remembered. Not only as the only British contemporary artist worth knowing, but as someone with a raw appetite for live. Martin Gayford, who sat for one of Freud’s portraits, has written a book about his experience with the painter. After reading that book, there is no doubt that Freud loved people and to me, his love for people is what makes his portraits so genuine.

If you haven’t opened your eyes for Freud yet, it is about time you do. Even now, a year after the exhibition, it is still praised as the best contemporary exhibition hosted by any London gallery.

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